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Fun MySQL fact of the day: OFFSET

On Friday, we discussed a simple fact about LIMIT, and that wasn't just because it was Friday (well, maybe a bit), but because I felt it important to have a refresher on how MySQL and the storage engine interact before we look at OFFSET. ... read more

Fun MySQL fact of the day: LIMIT your expectations

Before we take a close look at OFFSETs next week, we're going to take a quick peek inside MySQL to understand how a simple SELECT ... LIMIT works, and while we're going to consider a simple case, we're also going to fold in some information we've already covered. ... read more

Fun MySQL fact of the day: filesort uses files

Last Thursday, I provided incorrect information. As it usually happens, I was misled by the Internet, and in turn, I contributed to further misleading the Internet. I only realized it after couple hours with a debug build of MySQL and some breakpoints in some non-obvious places. Thankfully, the incorrect ... read more

Fun MySQL fact of the day: a free ORDER

On February 28, we discussed that the order of results from a query in the absence of an ORDER BY clause are implementation specific. We also observed that in InnoDB, this implementation-specific behaviour tends to be the order of records as they are sorted in the index from which ... read more
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