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Fun MySQL fact of the day: subqueries in MySQL5.5

The year 2013 can be remembered by 3 separate things: Justin Timberlake, the series finale of Breaking Bad, and the release of MySQL 5.6. Though, if you aren't a MySQL historian, the release of MySQL 5.6 may have passed you by and you may have missed the significance as it ... read more

Fun MySQL fact of the day: paginated ranges

If the last few Fun MySQL Facts Of The Day weren't enough to convince you that your actions can have severe consequences in a hefty database of hundreds of millions or hundreds of billions of rows, I'm not sure what else can. But they absolutely can, and when the stakes ... read more

Fun MySQL fact of the day: how many rows?

While trying to make sense the best I could of the code paths responsible for implementing SELECT ... LIMIT, I stumbled across a relic of MySQL. I'll admit, it seemed so strange at the time that I wasted too much time trying to understand what and why it existed ... read more
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