A Case Of Leaky State

Leaky state is among the most common artifacts I find in existing applications. It's a symptom of poor encapsulation and/or abstraction and typically tends to unmaintainable code. Such symptoms are typically, but by no means exclusively, seen in an anemic domain model. Controlling state by means of encapsulation ...

Running Firefox As An Isolated Linux User

A few years back, I decided that the risks of running some Internet-connected programs on my workstation containing personal data was a bigger risk than necessary. After discussing this topic with several colleagues, the general consensus was that I'm too paranoid.

Consider that implementation bugs (i.e. software vulnerabilities ...

An Experiment

This website exists as a personal and professional experiment. I intend to establish the best use for this website, be it professional, personal, both, or neither.

This website is not quite a journal or diary, thus it is not a blog. However, it may be used in a similar fashion ...

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