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Fun MySQL fact of the day: binlog cache

By now, I think we have a shared understanding that the binary log is an important feature in MySQL. And maybe, you may have been wondering, "how does the binary log get recorded"? And that's a good question with a couple fun facts we'll look at next! ... read more

Fun MySQL fact of the day: all-or-something?

Finally, A. The A in ACID stands for Atomicity, which is the property that guarantees that a series of database operations performed in a transaction all occur or nothing occurs. You might be thinking, "if Atomicity is the first letter in ACID, why did you save it ... read more

The Cost Of Consistency: When 9ms Is 1s Too Much

The CAP theorem remains one of the most important tools in my software developer's toolbelt. Used correctly, it can help create services and products that can offer an excellent user experience and protect revenue during partial failures. Used incorrectly, it can lead to a poor user experience and loss of ... read more