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Pessimistic Optimism: The Case Of Unexpected Deadlocks

Despite the fact I've been developing software in one way or another for almost 20 years, I'm constantly surprised how things work, and, once the frustration wears off, I'm intrigued when things break. Lucky for me, over the last few weeks, I've been surprised, frustrated, and intrigued by what, on ... read more

Fun MySQL fact of the day: so many index reads

On Friday, we discussed the separate roles that MySQL and InnoDB have while querying data. Specifically, we looked at how InnoDB reads data for MySQL and how MySQL may or may not be tasked with additional filtering of the data. We also briefly discussed how MySQL may choose to ... read more

Fun MySQL fact of the day: a free ORDER

On February 28, we discussed that the order of results from a query in the absence of an ORDER BY clause are implementation specific. We also observed that in InnoDB, this implementation-specific behaviour tends to be the order of records as they are sorted in the index from which ... read more

Fun MySQL fact of the day: the table is a lie

Over the course of the last several weeks, you may have caught me telling partial truths or using "weird" or inconsistent words when talking about MySQL and InnoDB. And now, before we move on to the rest of this week, it's time to clear a few things up. ... read more
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